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Cycle Jersey fit

JewsefJewsef Posts: 6
edited May 2012 in The bottom bracket
Been having a bit of trouble sizing myself up for a Jersey. Gonna sign up for this :) figure it's only another 25quid for a jersey so may as well go for it. Went into Chain reactions to find out my size.

Foska S
Santini L

and another cycle jersey that was onetoten (maybe?) which I also needed a L

What is with the made variation in sizing? I have no idea what to put down on this cycle Jersey top now.

Vital stats:
5,11 (180cm)
11st (70kgs)

Anyone shed any light on these crazy sizes


  • GiantMikeGiantMike Posts: 3,139
    edited May 2012
    Might be worth contacting the organiser to ask for a pit-to-pit measurement, or you if can find out the manufacturer they may have a sizing chart somewhere.

    Looking at your statistics I'd say you were an XXXL or a XXXXL, or a small.

    Or a medium.

    Possibly a large.
  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,426
    If it's made in Italy you're a large, if it's made in America you're and extra small. UK and france you'll be a small.
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  • JewsefJewsef Posts: 6
    ha! I emailed them got a reply:
    On sizing - shirts are standard european sizing.
    There's a very detailed sizing chart on the website (shop) if you wish to look at that.

    I'd go with your normal size or if you want to be cautious go a size up.

    Checked the sizing chart but all use jargon I'm not 100% on

  • prawnyprawny Posts: 5,426
    I'd go medium. I've got a Santini one I'm the same hight as you but an extra 9kg and the medium fits lovely. Pockets are maybe a bit high but it doesn't flap around and it's not stretched.

    Foska are uk sizes so will be a bit bigger.
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  • YossieYossie Posts: 2,600
    Can't you buy a M and a L and send one back? Or sell the one that doesn't fit on the day?
  • ProssPross Posts: 34,761
    Just double the half chest measurement, measure your own chest and you're sorted. I would guess at medium which would be around a 40" chest. Double check on the back length from shoulder point to make sure it's long enough.
  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    I have had a series of bad decisions buying on-line recently, so have gone back to driving over to je james /evans to try them on before buying. Italians are tiny and germans and yanks huge. some of the apparently british makes must be made in china making them cheap and tiny.
    makes I am used to I may still take a chance on-line with.
    I have a pair of bontrager tights in large and campg in xxl and castelli xl ; and cheap muddyfox in large far too small, given away. Rab are a good close fit in large.
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