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Some "nice" individuals decided to break into my shed list night and stole my 2008 Specialised FSR and 2009 Felt Z90 roadbike, thats £1500 worth of bike disappeared over night.

To call them gits would understate my current anger for these.........................

Anyway, based on the assumption that neither of these bike will ever be returned to me I now have the joys of the insurance route and a replacement bike/s infornt of me.

I don't fancy having two bikes again, the road bike saw little use and the FSR was full suspension too far and I'd like to return to a hardtail again.

I've not really kept up to date on the old MB situation since 2008 and have no idea on what is good or bad these days.
According to my insurers I can claim the full £1500 (sans excess of £100) and would like pointing in the direction of a good bike in the £1200 + range as I've a week off in Wales due in 2 weeks and the insurers say I could have a replacement bike in time for my jollies.

I can get easy access to two Evans cycles and a leisure lakes which means try outs should be easy but have no idea on where to start.

I have ridden many Specialised bikes in the past and was hoping that I could pick up a Stumpjumper but they now appear to be waaaaay out of my reach so I'm open to suggestions from you experts.

Enlighten me please, preferably by the weekend so that I can get ready to hit the trails 8 days later.

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