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I currently own a Giant OCR3(2006ish). I have a couple of 'challenges' lined up for this summer and want to treat myself to a new bike.
I have recently applied for £1000 under cycle2work. I have to buy it from Halfords. I was in having a look at the virago and one the staff told me I would definitely need a medium(52cm) and proceeded to lift a medium down for me to have a look at. It did seem fine but I was wearing a pair of jeans(kinda spare of the moment shopping trip). He then disappeared and somehow found out that the bike i was trying was actually a large(54cm).
With this in mind, I am looking for some advice as to what size I should be getting. I am 5ft 10(at a push) and my inside leg is 31". I suspect that the large would probably suit but wanted to see what some more knowledgable cyclists thought!
Also, if i was to upgrade a few things on the virago, would I be sensible to start with the Wheels & brakes?!
I have already spoken to my LBS and can confirm that once I buy the bike it will not be returning to Halfords unless its broken!!
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