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Recovering from chest infection

bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
Well i have had the dreaded chest infection for 1.5 weeks now. Finish my antt biotics this evening. Now i still have phlegm coming up but its mostly white now and not as often. Did a little jog and chest felt a bit tight, but no worse than say if i smoked. Which i have stopped thankfully.

Thinking of doing a short 10 mile ride tomorrow as its been a month since i have rode, due to work and obviously getting this gooey mess.


  • 1mancity21mancity2 Posts: 2,355
    Just take it easy and you will be fine, been 6 weeks for me now and Im bloody moving house this week so thats another weekend out!!
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  • bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
    May just go for a steady ride tomorrow and see how i feel. We're moving house Monday so got that to contend with at the weekend :(
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I agree, take it easy and let your body recover. Chest infections can get nasty, and it puts your body under a lot of strain.

    Gentle exercise!
  • bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
    So a shortish 10 mile ride will be fine. Its not massively challenging, few small hills, but its mainly Technical woodland single track.

    Just itching to get back on the bike as its been ages.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Whatever you feel comfortable with really. Remember your fitness will have naturally dropped, and you might feel more tired than usual anyway after a bug - so the ride might feel harder than you expected.
  • bwfc4eva868bwfc4eva868 Posts: 717
    I think I'll just head out with an Idea of a place i want to get to and if i feel tired I will get the train back. Will leave the moors out for a few more weeks while i build up my fitness. On the plus side, i feel better for giving the ciggies up.
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