Cycling Podiatrist or similar in the South East?

glanders Posts: 365
Hi. I'm after a recommendation on behalf of a friend for a cycling-savvy podiatrist or similar in the south east. She has persistent knee problems and they seem most likely to stem from a cleat/shoe/pedal issue. She lives in Brighton, but I imagine she'd be prepared to travel for the right person. Thanks in advance!


  • jc4lab
    jc4lab Posts: 554
    Im from Lancs . Spent ages looking for a Podrist locally and in they end didnt want to know about sprains refering me to a Physio/ Oestopath instead. as they do foot and toe joints also.I think this may be a better option and easier find for you..Mine. a football phsio aslo said in my case a lot of foot problems are from fallen arches which bend the foot out of shape when cycling etc and you suffer the consequences toes heal and knees..