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Best tyre for road/off-road use?

cbeecbee Posts: 186
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Can someone recommend a good, fairly light, tyre for road and off-road use please. (or possibly direct me to an earlier thread) I want but something that rolls well on the road, but has side knobs for off-road cornering


  • scarthie99scarthie99 Posts: 209
    Schwalbe Marathon Plus Reflective Tour Tyre at :D
  • paul20vpaul20v Posts: 267
    Dependes what your doing and how much off road
    But the schwalbe smart sam runs well on the road when pumped up hard and pretty good off road too in general stuff
  • Neal_Neal_ Posts: 477
    Maxxis Crossmark on the back fits the bill and will only let you down in thick mud but so would any fast rolling tyre. I've never used one on the front as I don't think it would be grippy enough so maybe something like a Maxxis Ardent for that.
  • specialeyesspecialeyes Posts: 542
    The triple compound EVO Nobby Nics, Rocket Rons and Racing Ralph's are light and fast rolling. I've had Nic and Rons on my spesh and when I do local routes I have to do a fair bit of road to get there. I also commute on the same tyres and they have shown very little wear . Mate has a set of Ralphs on his hardtail and has had the same experience, he does a midweek road ride too (20 miles) had the tyres a year.
  • cbeecbee Posts: 186
    Thanks for all the recommendations, guys - much appreciated!
  • hairy_boyhairy_boy Posts: 345
    How much road:off road are you doing/planning to do ?

    I use Continental Traffics in a 1.9" x 26" size which has a knobbly but almost continuous central tread with lots of wider spaced knobbles at the sides.

    I have used these as my only tyres for the last 3-4 years - done 3 mainly on-road coast-2-coast rides on them and the odd trip to Dalby and Sherwood pines trail centres also.

    Not very light but I have found them to be very, very puncture resistant, roll like semi-slicks on road and are also good value at £14.99 each: ... elID=34765

    Worth a look
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Kenda small block (I think that's the right name) on rear & a Maxxis Ardent up front. In any case, I'd go for something more grippy up front & something less grippy / faster on the rear.

    Of course ideally you have an on road & an off road set of tyres or even wheels!
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