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Pro-lite Bracciano.....

DaveLDaveL Posts: 188
edited May 2012 in Road buying advice
Thinking of buying these as an upgrade to the stock wheels that came with the bike, Shimano R510's

Any one got any experiences or thoughts on this wheelset?



  • mrolimroli Posts: 3,622
    I have a pair.

    Use them for racing and general use - probably done about 1000 miles on them and they've been fine. A good wheelset imho.
  • EarlyGoEarlyGo Posts: 281
    They'll be a big improvement on your current wheels. The only bad thing about them is actually getting hold of a set as they usually sell out really quickly!

    Regards, EarlyGo
  • Sammyw23Sammyw23 Posts: 627
    I have ridden them for over 3,000 miles. Cannot fault them at all. The most impressive feature is they just seem to spin forever.

    I have also crashed them and put a nice scratch in the rim and no work was required, they have stayed true and strong since.

    The 2012 model has some special spoke attachment to increase stiffness so may even be improved?
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  • They're great wheels.. I'm 115kg and they put up with me without a problem (until being stolen by some low life piece of excrement who I'd set on fire if I had the opportunity)..

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  • DaveLDaveL Posts: 188
    Thanks, I had had pretty much made my mind up on these wheels anyway, but it always helps when people who have them, rate them

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