Taping integrated bars.

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Hi all, I've almost completed a new bike I've built over the winter and I'm applying the finishing touches.

I've got integrated bars/stem and was wondering what others have done with theirs regarding taping. Have you gone all the way up as normal or finished off just as they straighten up on top?

Also I fancy padding the drops a little, what, if anything, have people padded their tape with.

Cheers, Jon


  • ajb72
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    Generally integrated bars / stems always look better to me taped just past the brake hoods - i.e. leaving the tops clear. That should leave you loads of tape left to either double wrap the drops, or run a length of spare tape inside the curve of the drops for the padding you require.
  • sungod
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    i tape mine until just after they start to curve towards the stem - the bars are scuplted (cinelli ram2), going further is too bulky, stopping sooner leaves a depression, so i assume i'm taping to where the designer intended

    it'll depend on the bars though, so you may need to experiment to see what works best for you

    as above, you can use some extra tape, or get some gel pads, the cinelli bars came with some, you can get them separately... http://www.wiggle.co.uk/cinelli-avs-gel-pads/
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