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Do everything bike for a new (+ heavy) roadie

voodoomanvoodooman Posts: 183
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I do quite a bit of mountain biking and keep fit, but have got a new job from September on a 9 mile commute either way. I need to get a bike that can take my weight (108kg after Christmas, 100kg when reasonably fit) + about 20kg of stuff on average.

I want something that I can do the odd sportive on (might as well add the commute as part of a fitness regime), as well as a bit of hammer on a weekend, but comfort is the main factor. My choices so far are either a boardman cyclocross (not sure if the biggest will fit me) or go through Ribble for a 7005 sportive, with the added advantage of the 0% credit.

I'm 6'6" tall (2m near as dammit), usually about 105kg and have 36" inside leg - so weight is less of an issue than sturdiness, but... Finally the fit is really important - this is going to be a workhorse (and justifies the cost of another bike).

Budget about £700, 800 on interest free credit, £1000 on the C2W scheme, or £300 off ebay.


  • bristolpetebristolpete Posts: 2,255
    Specialized Tricross sport disc 2012. Lovely bike for the bigger rider. A good do it all machine.
  • voodoomanvoodooman Posts: 183
    Update - job now confirmed, so my commute will be So'ton to other side of Lyndhurst every day. Off to the new opening of the Hargroves in Totton on Thursday - and will be asking to see if they can get the largest tricross sport disc to try out.

    Cheers for the advice, it looks very nice.
  • graham_ggraham_g Posts: 652
    I'm guessing that choice will be affected by the availability of larger sizes - normally the US brands are good for that, but I'm sure that's no hard/fast rule.

    For all year round commuting, go for something that can take full proper mudguards with 25c tyres and, although not essential, a rack. I wouldn't be too concerned about having disc brakes however the 'all-round' cross bikes with discs probably are your best bet as they'll be a bit sturdier and fitting 32c+ tyres with guards will make for a magic carpet ride over the crappy roads that you inevitably can't avoid on commutes.
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