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Stiffee Stolen!

kinggarethkinggareth Posts: 40
edited May 2012 in MTB stolen
Some thieving scumbags have stolen my pride and joy and i wanted to just put it out there in case any of you nice people hear or see anything. I know it's unlikely that the scum are going to be stupid enough to put the bike on ebay or use any other public selling method, but if you could all keep your ears to the ground it's be much appreciated.

It's a white Cove Stiffee with red Raceface cranks, red Deity handlebars and red hope pro2 hubs so it looks pretty individual.
It was stolen from my locked garage in Chertsey, Surrey - the only garage in a block of 12 to be broken into and the only thing stolen from a pretty full garage, so i reckon it was targetted.

I'm pretty pissed about it cuz i'd just got the bike exactly as i wanted it and was starting to really enjoy riding it, so i'd love to get it back.

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