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Cr3doCr3do Posts: 89
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Hello all,

I'm looking at buying new wider handle bars, but I'm a bit confused with what rise to go for?

Could someone please explain the difference of say 15, 30 & 50mm rise?

Is there pros and cons to each rise? Will a certain rise suite a certain body type?

Thanks for the help!
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  • estampidaestampida Posts: 1,008
    its a preference thing

    i run mid to high rise on bars cos:

    the low slung dh bars I think look funny

    a little more rise and sweep back feels more comfortable to me

    but a flatter bar puts a little more bias on to the front wheel (not a problem for me)

    I would check with your mates as most folk have a spare bar, try them and see what is best, as it is a personal choice
  • Purely down to personal choice - some folk like the more attack body position of a flat bar where a raised bar can create a more relaxed posture.

    Of course not everyone is built the same - someone with long arms and a flat bar could in reality be exactly the same position as another person with shorter arms and a high rise bar set-up. If you feel you are reaching for the bars or have too much weight on your hands then a bigger rise bar will allow more scope to raise, and to a lesser extent rotate, the bar to a comfortable position.

    Just see swapping bars as fine tuning your set-up in the same way as seat height, angle and fore/aft location.
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