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Shimano BB Spares?

Darkstalker420Darkstalker420 Posts: 212
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi i'm doing a "cheap" fixer up for a mate and at the moment he has a knackered ISIS BB (rode it with a lose crank bolt and chewed the spline up in the crank :roll: ). I have looked in my spare bits box and found an old Shimano crank and compatable Shimano cart BB. However i can't locate the other part of the BB the screw in plastic/metal cup from the other (non drive side?).

The BB is almost new (infact it feels better than the new one i got from CRC a few weeks ago!!? :shock: ) so it would be a shame if i had to buy another one but i can't seem to locate a Shimano part (CRC have some RaceFace parts that look like they MIGHT fit although they say it's for an ISIS BB) but i don't want to order just in case!

Any ideas??



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