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Scott Twinlock

WildhoggetWildhogget Posts: 2
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Dear All,

I have a 2011 Scott Spark 50 with the twinlock system, when I watched the video on you tube of the three actions, full sus, hard tail, then full lock. I thought for a newbie this would be great.

However, I only seem to have full lock out or full suspension?
Is it set up wrong or is it correct or do I need to adjust something?

Also I have a really problem when it is in lockout mode the gears seem to jump a lot, when it is in full lock out they seem to be ok...any advice.

As I said I am new to all of this but really am enjoying it and never new how unfit I was (and still am) untill trying my first mountain climb!



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