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Full Sus advice - BMC Trailfox TF01

agh100agh100 Posts: 23
edited May 2012 in MTB buying advice

Been trying out the 2011 BMC Trailfox TF01 today. What are peoples opinions on this?

I thought it rode nicely, but I'm not sure whether to hold out for the new Norco Sight 2 that is on its way, or something else entirely. The BMC is light and has a fantastic spec (Sram X0 etc), but I can't find much in the way of reviews about it, there only seems to be reviews for the 2012 carbon version.

Thanks for any help!


  • The BMC looks like a great spec for the money as does the norco.

    I guess the deciding factor would come down to whether you prefer a fox or rockshox fork or shimano or sram drivetrain.
    I would go for the BMC myself.
  • agh100agh100 Posts: 23
    Well the norco is now supplied with a fox shock too.
    To be honest I'm not really experienced enough to know whether I prefer shimano or sram. I've always had shimano before but have been impressed with sram when I've tried it.

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