47 and need a knee replacement is this the end.

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As the subject says I'm 47 and been riding bikes now all my life and that's what I live for. Nothing can beat a dry day, great weather and great trials especially Dolby, seven stains, Wales.
About 20 yrs ago I dislocated my right knee, which led to a few ops, now 20 yrs on I've been getting a few pains in it, which led me going to see a consultant, the end conclusion of the consultation is that my knee is full of arthritus and the joint is slowly turning to dust, hence he said I need a knee replacement.
Im absolutely heart broke, carrying on mountain biking is a no go and as for other hard physical sports my days are numbered. Having this happening is like someone ripping your heart out especially at my age and got a passion for mountain biking.
Does anyone know of any other person who's had a total knee replacment and carried on mountain biking, I'm living in the hope that someone has carried on riding with no probs. If yes this would make a 47 yr old mega happy and not suicidal.


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    Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunately I don't have any advice to offer, but I'll be following this thread since I'm worried about the future of my knees.
    Mine have gone through a lot of damage as well, and I fear what will one day happen to them :(
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    A mate of mine had a knee replacement 5yrs ago although he doesn't mountain bike he's a roadie, it did take him about a year to get back to normal and he is still racing to this day, ok he gets some discomfort from time to time but no more than me really and I got my own knees so chin up not the end just be patient with the rehab and good luck to you.. :wink:
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  • That's good to hear that someone is actually still racing. I think its a possibility that maybe I can go to road biking instead of the mountain bike. It is really dawnting to think that going from being really fit to not is something that I do fear.
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    My brother in law had a knee replacement last October and the physio who he was using told him that cycling was a good option for him to get exercise as it's less impact on the knee joint compared to stuff like that involves running around. The advice was to start gently after a few months and build up (although he only ever went out with wife & kids on their BSO's) - but it at least shows it isn't the end of it for you.

    Have a word a physio if you can.
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    I've got several friends who've shagged their knees and hips through taekwon-do. Some have had one joint done, some two.
    All (of the ones I know) are now practising martial arts again. How did they regain a lot of their fitness?

    Riding bikes.

    Chin up mate, it's not the end, maybe a bit of a slog, but not the end.
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    I had to have my ACL and LCL rebuilt, and my meniscus replaced back in January after a MTB accident in Oct.

    It involved taking grafts from my hamstrings on both legs, which left both of my legs quite weak.

    I am lucky to have a very understanding employer, and was able to spend the next 2 months focusing on recovery. After the consultant initially saying it should be around a year before I could return to MTB, I was back in action (albeit a little slower) within 10 weeks post-op.

    Don't see any reason why you shouldn't be able to return to the bike eventually (although I'm not suggestiong it'll be a 10 week job like mine).

    If you've got private cover, I would be happy to recommend my surgeon. The man is an absolute GOD as far as I'm concerned.
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    Met a guy out riding once who'd had his leg amputated and the replacement artificial knee had a Monarch RT3 intergrated into it! Can't for the life of me remember the company who makes it unfortunately, but it was £10,000!

    Sorry to hear about the issue mate.