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Boardman 2010 Pro HT - FORKS

tooorangey4crowstooorangey4crows Posts: 48
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Okay, recently acquired a Boardman 2010 Pro HT frame.. it's sexy, it's shiny, it's white... but now I just need to fill it out with all the bits and the biggest part I'm stuck on is the forks, I'm aiming for around 100mm, don't think the frame can support more (please tell me if I'm wrong) but it's the style of stem length where I'm struggling. I've looked all over the net and I'm a resourceful guy but finding it difficult to gage just what kind I'd require...

The furthest I've got it needs to be tapered but this is never stipulated on the major stores site, ChainReaction, Evans, Merlin etc. :( budget is around £200 and as light as poss please.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.
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