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Very UnShiny Bike

jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
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So sit down grab a brew and let me tell you a story (and a warning)
I have been building a new road bike myself from scratch - Wednesday two weeks ago, I had everything in place (De Rosa frame, wheels cockpit etc.) I just needed to order in the groupset. I went for the Sram Force with a Sram red BB30 chainset. So I dutifully checked out prices and found Shiny Bikes was offering a good deal and fast delivery (next day) - I wanted to build my bike that weekend and was a very excited chappy. Sadly the delivery didn’t come that weekend – I was mellow about it but disappointed – I figured it was the usual Parcelforce laziness – so much for the next day delivery!
By Wednesday the following week I was more than annoyed that the delivery had not come – so I rang Shiny Bikes – apparently they had packed my order wrong but had forgotten to repack it. My call helped remind them they don’t only have to take my money they also have to deliver the goods (problem 1). So I called them the next day to confirm they had delivered it – yes and it would be with me for Friday – yippee. I took Friday off work so I could take the delivery and build the bike overnight and get the BB fitted at the LBS (the bottom bracket is one area I am not going to pay for the tools for).
By 6pm Friday I was sweating – still no groupset! So I called parcelforce – apparently they had a 4 hour powercut in their Coventry office so were unable to deliver that day - go figure? (problem 2 – was a Parcelforce error but hey Shiny Bikes use them – it wasn’t my choice). So there then followed a 2nd weekend with no new bike – and my chance to get it to the LBS to get the BB fitted.
As I was absolutely guaranteed delivery for Monday – I took Monday off work, again, so I could build the bike and get it to the LBS for the BB – things were desperate now as I had a £100 bike fitting arranged for Tuesday. Sadly the delivery didn’t arrive till 6:15 pm so the LBS was closed and I was going to miss my fitting (problem 3). I had to cancel the bike fitting (luckily for me the place doing the fitting were understanding and didn’t charge me a fee (thanks guys).
Anyway I thought – at least the groupset has now arrived so I can build the bike and maybe persuade my wife to take it to the LBS for the BB. I stopped eating when the delivery arrived and flung open the box – showing everyone in my family my new toys – sadly one of the toys was missing – shiny bikes warehouse had once again come to the fore and forgotten to deliver the BB (problem 4) well I thought at least I can build up the bike to a reasonable degree and then get the BB fitted a couple of days later. But Shiny Bikes hadn’t finished yet with their ruining my day – whilst checking through the order I also discovered they had sent me the wrong cassette and 11-25 instead of an 11-28. (problem 5).
So I called them back this morning – “so sorry” they go, we will fix it all. A bit later another call – sorry we have run out of Bottom Brackets and it will take a week to 2 weeks to restock (problem 6) – I have seen how fast their next day delivery is – if they think something is going to take two weeks I will probably be drawing my pension before it arrives! Then just to cap it off they have also run out of the cassettes (problem 7) – this they say they can get in the next day and will post ASAP – I wait with baited breath - NOT! It is incredible that they can allow themselves to run out of stock in the first place but then to sell what they don’t have in stock to a poor punter like me (who pays immediately) is disgraceful.
Just so you know I went to “HighonBikes” and got a replacement BB – I have ordered about 15 things from them and they really do deliver the next day (and it is free). I have a feeling Shiny bikes needs a new warehouse manager – maybe someone who can read and count?
I have bought hundreds of items on the internet, never before have I know such a catalogue of errors if it wasn’t so important to me I would have laughed. Anyway so many errors, I figured they would at least make it up to me with a discount – they did offer me a discount – yeay! 1.3% - Booo! Basically I got the cost of shipping back (which I am sure they are getting back themselves anyway) I have had bigger total discounts in a sweet shop.
I am not one of those angry people but in all honestly I feel like I have been treated like dirt and it has really made the whole new bike thing change from an exciting experience to total misery and a lot of additional cost (I don’t get paid for days off – so I lost many hundreds) a cost that is worth it for something like a new bike but not just to sit at the door waiting for the postman. I have always received excellent service from a myriad of bike sellers – I feel fellow cyclists look out for one and other – Shiny Bikes may be a symptom of the growing popularity of bike – we now have our first person who acts like a second hand car salesman – all in all very depressing. Maybe you have had a good experience with them – I for one will not bother shopping there again! I am going to need to get on my new bike just to dissolve the unhappy memories of what they put me through. :|


  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Shoddy service no doubt, but it can happen with the best retailers. Frustrating stuff for you .....
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    I agree it can happen with all retailers - maybe I have been lucky but I have bought from shops, online and eBay and never had one thing go wrong before - now I get a string of problems in one hit - I can't help but assume they have issues if they make so many mistakes.
  • slowondefy2slowondefy2 Posts: 348
    It's annoying to take days off from work for the package not to show, but you can arrange for the delivery to be made to your local post office then you go pick it up when you can. Linky. A possible solution for those who can't get stuff delivered to their work address.
    jonomc4 wrote:
    if it wasn’t so important to me I would have laughed.

    ...And breathe... ;-)
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,992
    Tldr but Shiny bikes are nice people (when you speak to them) with appalling postage issues.
    Numerous people have had issues on here (I've ordered twice and it's been fooked up twice...)
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  • kfinlaykfinlay Posts: 763
    me too, I ordered 4 latex tubes, called to ensure they had them in stock then they deliver 1 but charge me for 4. They did sort it out quickly but if they can't get such a simple order correct what hope is there really!?!? IF I use them again then I'll make sure it is for something that isn't urgent or too important.

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  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    And the moral is - don't count your chickens before they are hatched. It isn't a new one...... :wink:

    Anyway, good things come to those that wait. Enjoy your new bike!
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  • xixangxixang Posts: 235
    my experience of SB is the opposite. Ordered a Chorus groupset late on Friday (missed their post that day). Stuff posted Monday and arrived at work (at my request) on the Tuesday morning. Every retailer can censored -up but its how they handle it, but it appears that they didn't handle it well. Compare that to CRC who I ordered some glasses off. Turned out the were out of stock (they refunded and notified me within 24hrs) so they gave me a £5 voucher. I just ordered the same glasses in a different colour (was stuck between the 2 colours anyway)
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    Yes - I think I should say that the girls on the customer service desk were polite and nice people who tried to fix things - but the warehouse management system is a total joke and their management - apart from not understanding PR implications of poor customer service (i.e. paying up when they screw up - especially when this badly) and not being aware of the problems in their stock management and warehousing.

    Maybe I should offer to go there for a week - fix their systems and payment can be free groupsets for life:)

    With respect to your story re the Chorus groupset - I was umm'ing and arr'ing about going for the chorus or the mix of the red and force that I eventually went with - had I but known :)
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    Well I cancelled the missing BB and wrong size Cassette and ordered the part from High on Bikes - arrived the next day with free delivery - now I can get building!

    As an example of Customer Service - for the first time ever Evans sent me the wrong item - Black/silver shoes instead of Black. I was sent a gift in the post for my trouble without me even asking.
  • arthur_scrimshawarthur_scrimshaw Posts: 2,596
    No problems here, ordered some SKS chromoplastics on Sunday this week, hadn't heard anything by Tuesday (how impatient am I?) so called and left a message. Delivered Thursday.
  • jonomc4jonomc4 Posts: 891
    but you pay for next day delivery? It should have been there on Tuesday and without the need for a follow up call!

    Right now 2 weeks after the event I am still waiting for the refund of the parts they couldn't send me!
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