Anyone switched from Garming to MotoActv yet?

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I am seriously thinking about it as my Garmin is ancient and starting to lack reliability. ... 3#features

Main queries I have are

Does it allow you to download GPX files for existing training programmes like Strava.
Can you extend the battery life by disabling features like music.
How hard is cadence pack to fit


  • prawny
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    A review. ... eview.html

    I'd probably rather have a Garmin 800, but really I want both.


    If I ran more, I'd have the moto without doubt. But I'll only run to catch the ice cream van.
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  • jimmythecuckoo
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    I think the major issue is battery life by the looks of most reviews.

    Shame as its an impressive looking bit of kit.

    I also read somewhere (review on Wiggle I think) that its a pain to use existing training software like Strava with it, although I am sure they will update their site if the MotoActv takes off in a big way.