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Tour de France by Motorhome & Leige Advice

kiterstevekitersteve Posts: 15
edited April 2012 in Tour & expedition
Travelling in a motorhome to watch the Tour kick off in Leige with my wife and 8 year old who is also a bike nut. Hoping to watch next couple of stages as well.
Any advice on
1/ Following the tour in a motorhome generally?
2/ Practicalities of getting to the tour route and seeing the action? eg parking 20 miles away riding in?
3/ Practicalities of getting to the start area/tour village and what I might see (if we cycle in will the bikes then be a liability in the start area due to people congestion)
4/ Road cycling in the area as i hope to get some in while their, any good?
5/ Anything that's a must do or see in the area?
6/ Any recommended campsites in the area although likely I am way to late in the day to get in now?
7/ Anything else?

Cheers Steve
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