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Cannondale fatty dlr 80 lockring question

xman007xman007 Posts: 22
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all. I have a 2 week old cann f3 with above forks. The lockout seems to be not working. It turms correctly but the lock out does not seem to occur. Ive checked air (all fine). Thelockring has some play up and down from new , is this normal as my old cannondale had no movement on the lockring. Id rather not go through all the warranty if a simple answer otherwise back to cannondale :cry:


  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    xman007 wrote:
    2 week old

    Take it back to the retailer and let them sort it out. If you go fiddling with it then you'll have no recourse when it goes back and they say you've fiddled with it so they don't have to do anything. You could always say not-fit-for purpose and demand a refund followed by buying another one.
  • loughorloughor Posts: 25
    got to agree with RA. take it back. I tried to service an older one myself with dire results. Be something simple and obvious (to a trained cannondale mechanic). Great fork, mine still going strong, after a proper service, 13 years in of virtually daily use.
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