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Magura MT Pads

Keiser1Keiser1 Posts: 6
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech

Ive had my Canyon AM 7 2012 for a few months now, proberbly travelled 150-200 miles, I took part in an Evans Ride it event on sat (28.04.12) it was a very wet and muddy ride with heavy breaking, after going through a major clean up I noiticed the front pads were clearly rubbing the front rotor as if there stuck shut, I took the wheel off and pads out and noticed that only one of the pads had and breaking surface to it, checked the rear pads and this is the same, only the right pad had any surface, only exception being the rear rotor has plenty of clearence with no rubbing. Would this be the Magura way or would I be right in thinking I need new pads??????

The bikes fitted with MT4 Levers and MT2 callipers.


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