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New Lid Question

whitevanmanwhitevanman Posts: 11
edited May 2012 in MTB buying advice
I have been waiting for a Giro Xar to come into stock from On One because of their cheap price for it. Tried it on in the past and it fitted well but they have e-mailed me saying it has been discontinued. 90 to a 110 pound is a bit steep for me from other retailers so i have tried some others and the only one that felt right was a Canondale Radius. On the box it says it is for recreational / urban use. Does this mean it is not right for XC riding or is it structuraly inferior or the styling? . It did feel light and comfortable and seemed a good price at 39.99. So i have held back until i get some feedback. Should i stump up for the high price Xar or is the Canondale ok ? Sorry i cant provide a link because i dont know how to. Thanks for any input. ( im surprised the xar has been discontinued )


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