Is my Carbon frame shot? advise please

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I bought a 2011 specialized carbon frame bike over the weekend.

I cleaned it up yesterday and went for my first ride today, and after just 100yds I heard a creaking noise.

This only does it when I am peddling and appears slightly worse when climbing a hill.

I have done some basic checks, tightened stuff up and checked wheels are not too tight etc.

It does not creak when I am free wheeling even if I move up and down on the bike.

I did give it a lot of water when cleaning yesterday, hose pipe and brush on end?

Probably nothing to do with it but I heard something loose in the frame and tipped it upside down and a small rivet came out, very tine half of it has a crew thread!!

do you think the frame is cracked and how can I check?

any help appreciated


  • snoopsmydogg
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    Possibly other things to check too but how is the bottom bearing?
  • flyer
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    Sorry not really up with tech side, can you explain a bit more. do you mean is there any give?


  • snoopsmydogg
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    Might be way off the mark but on an old ali framed mtb i had similar issues and it tuned out to be the bearing behind the front chainrings. The extra pressure applied when pedalling (esp uphill) caused the internal bearings to creak.

    Not really upto speed on the new style bearings though so maybe even a bit of adjustment could sort it (if that is the cause)
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    flyer wrote:
    Sorry not really up with tech side, can you explain a bit more. do you mean is there any give?
    Take it to your Local Bike Shop and ask them to take a look.
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    You can often get creaks from loose bolts - as above take it to your bike shop for a check but creaking doesn't sound like a busted frame.
  • Repost this on workshop page some real experts on there
  • flyer
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    Good idea, thanks and thanks for all your comments

  • Crankbrother
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    Try checking the tightness of your rear mech ... I had a squeaky 'bottom bracket' once ... It even fooled a few of the mechanics at the LBS and they were about to give up when one of them took it out, came back and said rear mech is loose ... it wasn't to look at or to even pull at but quarter of a turn of an allen key later and the squeak was gone forever more ...
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    I have a Spesh Roubaix and get creaks every 800 miles or so from L/H crank bolts working loose.Torque them up and the problem goes. Not sure why this recurs -it does despite correct torque settings- but at least it's easy to fix.
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    You mentioned washing it with lots of water - nothing wrong with that but did you dry and lubricate it afterwards? Could just be some oil or grease washed away that needs replenishing.

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