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m960 BCD chainring choice

bluechair84bluechair84 Posts: 4,352
edited May 2012 in MTB buying advice
I've just picked up an old XTR m960 with an odd 102BCD mount for the middle chainring. I'm planning on swapping out my SLX and single 36t ring for the XTR. However, rings are hard to come by. I'd have to get a 36t ring custom made which is actually very competitive at $36, but means I might run into difficulty in getting back on the trail if I broke it. Wait times seem to be over a month and it's shipped from the US. The alternative is a more readily available Blackspire 34t ring and a roadie cassette to keep the gearing roughly similar. It might not actually be much more beneficial thought if LBSs don't stock a 102mm ring, I'd still have to wait for delivery from CRC if they have them in stock.
I'm leaning towards the custom 36t as 102BCD rings are going to be hard to get hold of quickly and cheapily anyway, and this way I don't need a new cassette too. Plus, anodizing in any colour is free :lol: I think more gold for the Torque is a must.
Any thoughts or advice on this which might cement my decision?


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