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Is it possible to put a smaller chainring on

Peter JonesPeter Jones Posts: 3
edited April 2012 in Workshop
is it possible to put a smaller chain ring on a shimano hollow tech 2 chainset or do i need to get hold of a compact? :shock:


  • smidsysmidsy Posts: 5,273
    Chainrings can indeed be changed individually
    Yellow is the new Black.
  • i guessed that but what size can i get away with on a standard 53 39 chainset?
  • 38 is smallest on 130 BCD
  • Yeah, and if you switch to a compact setup,you'll have 110 BCD, which is much more versatile; you can fit rings as low as a 34 on the inside and up to a 52 or 53 on the outside (the 52-34 jump is too big for most derailleurs though).
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