Ritchey WCS Logic 2 Handlebar

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Does anyone use these? I was looking for a more compact bar and these seem to fit the bill. They don't seem to have cable grooves though. Is that a problem to anyone who has them? Would the brake and gear cables protrude so as to affect the grip on the bars?

Any other suggestions for a nice compact bar at about the 20g weight and less than £100?


  • I have them on both my bikes. As you say no cable groves, so you can notice the cables ran on the front of the bars. Even with thin Fizik tape on mine this doesn't bother me - that said I have never owned any bars with cable groves. With thicker cork tape I doubt the cables would even be noticeable.

    Out of all the Ritchey bars from memory they have the deepest drop out of there range in the 44cm size as far as I remember. The Ritchey Evo Curve bars I have sat on the shelf to try out have much shallower drop.
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    Spender wrote:

    Any other suggestions for a nice compact bar at about the 20g weight and less than £100?

    I'd be interested in some of these
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    SUL - I'll cut a 20g section off my old bars and send it to you if you want ?

    I meant 230g - blast these dumpy fingers ;-)
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    Deda Zero 100's are fairly light for an alloy bar, they've got cable grooves aswell. Nice shape, although a bit flext if you swing about in the drops. Doesnt bother me to much though.
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    Just bought a pair of 42cm, wet black and new on Ebay for £45. Happy days.
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    Well done on the E-bay purchase, I just bought from Planet X for £59.00. I was trying to get from JE James which was slightly cheaper but it wouldn't let me log on so I got bored trying and went to PX. looking forward to getting them now. That's another 100g off he weight of my bike- I am becoming obsessed :P