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Installing Shimano XT rear derailleur cable - help!

agg25agg25 Posts: 619
edited May 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
Due to the censored installation instructions provided by Shimano I thought I'd ask here if someone can decipher them better than me.
I'm installing a rear derailleur (Shimano XT SL-M780-R) outer cable onto my new frame and they refer to the "sealed cap with tongue" and the "rubber shield" which I'm holding in the pictures below. Just wanted to double check how people would install these bits into their cable stops.
Don't know if it's right but as far as I can gather it should go like the last picture, if someone could confirm that'd be Jim Dandy ;-) Would rather not do it twice.

Outer with "sealed cap and tounge"

"Rubber shield" doobelacky

Is this right?


  • agg25agg25 Posts: 619
    Shimano instructions
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    That's correct. It's just you have weird stops the the rubber bit doesn't clip in fully
  • agg25agg25 Posts: 619
    Ah roger that, cheers mate.
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    Dude, put some clothes on!

    BTW, rememebr to slip the rubbers on first if the bare cable is going into the outer!
  • agg25agg25 Posts: 619
    Hey I was wearing shorts! :-)
    I'm now having the problem in that when shifting (10 speed, XT shifter, XTR derailleur) I'm only getting 7 shifts, not 10 and it feels quite clunky changing down gears. Any ideas?
  • Levi_501Levi_501 Posts: 1,105
    Limit screws out of adjustment?

    When the derailieur is running on the smallest sprocket (highest gear) is the cable under tension? Is should be ever so slightly slack
  • Chunkers1980Chunkers1980 Posts: 8,035
    Stops has little to do with it, I'd have them fully unscrewed until the indexing is sorted

    You do have all 10 spd kit in same make right?

    Make sure the shifter is at its final position ie fully released, when in the smallest cog
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