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High Rollers, back and front?

widge34widge34 Posts: 900
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At the moment I have a 60a max pro rear high roller and a 42a super Tacky front High Roller. Looking for a bit more front end grip, considering a super tacky Minion. Any other recommendations? Sorry it's another tyre thread.
Was also thinking about the Hans Damf, but I'm not sure a 2.4 will fit on my Crest wheels.

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Trek Madone 3.5c H2 2013


  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,609
    I used to ride your present set up & found it had loads of traction (bit slow though).
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  • widge34widge34 Posts: 900
    Yeah, I'm find them draggy.

    Bird Zero 2
    Trek Madone 3.5c H2 2013
  • kenankenan Posts: 952
    Minion is draggy
  • widge34widge34 Posts: 900
    So any other recommendations?

    Bird Zero 2
    Trek Madone 3.5c H2 2013
  • sofaboy73sofaboy73 Posts: 574
    I found the high roller dragged on the back, but never reall found it (or the minion) an issue on the front. After trying lots of combos I favour the panaracer rampage sc front and rear. I've found it the best balance between weight, lack of drag, volume, grip and cost
  • angry_birdangry_bird Posts: 3,784
    Chuck a minion up there if you're not happy with the HR. I had a 42a HR up front and couldn't stand it, popped a minion on and now I'm much happier.
  • SikoraSikora Posts: 519
    I run a 42a Minion up front. I originally bought it for the more gnarly or wetter rides, but i pretty much leave it on all year round now
  • dan45adan45a Posts: 143
    Depends on what type of riding you are doing? I've never liked a HR on the front as don’t like that moment of vagueness when leaning into turns. I prefer the rounded profile on the minion.

    For trail centre use I have minion up front and a crossmark out back both 60a, which flies uphill, but also feels good on the downs. I find a HR draggy on the back and not that grippy on wet technical climbs.

    For me and gravity orientated riding, you’d be hard pushed to beat minion out front HR on the back. I find the HR brakes well on the DH bike.

    I also tried the Panaracer rampages for trail riding mentioned by sofaboy73, they are a very good allrounder, and only weakness I found was in the mud. Otherwise a great tyre.
  • .blitz.blitz Posts: 6,588
    widge34 wrote:
    Looking for a bit more front end grip, considering a super tacky Minion.
    ime a ST HR is (ultimately) slightly more grippy than a ST Minion DHF of the same size (2.5). The Minion gripped better in terms of upright braking and moderate lean angles but when properly dug in the HR was better. 3C Minions are almost there but the 70a centre compound can be unforgiving on tricky terrain. Beware the 2.35 Minions are not simply smaller versions of the 2.5s they are a completely different tyre - a Minion tread on a puny XC carcass.

    If you find ST HRs lacking in grip, I would take a hard look at your forks and ask yourself if they could be set up to give the tyre an easier ride. Wire bead 2-ply STs are not the most compliant of tyres and they'll ping and smear off rocks/roots if the forks are not supple enough.

    If you must have ultimate grip, try a Vertstar Big Betty or Muddy Mary. They're over a kg and your trail bike forks will wonder WTF is going on but they really do stick to everything no matter what the conditions.
  • YeehaaMcgeeYeehaaMcgee Posts: 5,740
    widge34 wrote:
    42a super Tacky front High Roller. Looking for a bit more front end grip,
    There's really not much more grip available from MTB tyres than a super tacky high roller.
    Are you weighing the front down enough when cornering? You need to really push the front into the ground.
  • ThewaylanderThewaylander Posts: 8,767
    To be honest i was never a fan of the highroller up front in ST, found it washed it far faster than the minion,

    So i would say the minnion is a better up front. but this is a personal opinion obviously and people can argue there corner.
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