A bargain perhaps?

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I've still not gotten around to buying a road bike as I'm a nerd and like to read up and glean as much information as possible before I part with the "hard earned", however, a mate called me this afternoon and said he'd seen a 2011 Felt Z100 in the size I'm after for £400 and had asked in the shop about it, he was told that it was for a customer who changed his mind after paying the deposit and having it put together, it is more or less standard apart from having Sora allround with 9 on the back and a triple on the front, so, is it a bargain?
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    what sort of a question is that. That must be what, at least 35% off retail? Just buy it and ride it :roll:
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    Buy it, ride it for a couple of weeks, if you don't like it bounce it.
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    That sounds like a good deal, especially if your getting peace of mind from a bike shop too!

    Go for it!
  • It's mine I tell you, mine :D , took the plunge this morning, got measured up (ooer :oops: ), tried the bike for size, spot on, onto the turbo trainer, seat lifted by an inch, stem lifted by an inch and it felt soooooooo good, rode for about ten minutes, no issues at all, well happy, collect tomorrow with bottles and cages and a Cateye wireless computer on.
    My mistake, I got the price wrong, it was £50 more than my mate told me :oops: , don't care though, I can't wait to get out and on the road, I'm a very happy boy today and will be happier tomorrow.

    Thank you to all for the advice and encouragement.

    Alan :D:D:D
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    buy it and enjoy it!
  • I've just realised I only have baggy MTB shorts, will have to get some plain ones, any suggestions that won't break the bank?
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    If you have a decathlon or a soccer sports/ sports world by you they both have cheap cycling gear that won't break the bank. But slowly investing in some decent clothes is always good advice. :)

    Enjoy the bike
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    I found the Sports Direct (Muddy Fox) stuff to be a waste of time.

    I find the Decathalon stuff to be a good compromise betwen performance and price.

    They do 3 different pads in their shorts/tights and price accordingly. The middle (red) pad is very good (as good as my Gore Tights) and the bib shorts in question were less than £30.
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