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Did my first 25 of the year today.

willhubwillhub Posts: 821
edited April 2012 in Amateur race
Managed a 1 hour 53 second, rode the 23 miles there and the 25 miles back, legs are dead. I'm sure I'll get under the hour this year!


  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 18,633
    Nice one :)
    Sounds like a good warm up/cool down too.
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  • thegibdogthegibdog Posts: 2,106
    Good stuff Will, especially considering it was pretty windy out there today.
  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    Was indeed a nice warmup, steady ride there, 19 avg cause of the wind, then the "ward down" was horrible with the headwind, was tough going slow lol!

    I don't know if antibiotics would have effected my performance but I'm on a 2 weeks course of antibiotics at the moment, one thing if for sure, I was so tired last night I've never felt so tired, and I thought my clock was playing tricks on me when it was saying 12:30pm when I woke up O_o

    Looking forward to weekday 10's now for training.
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