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Three tubes in one week......

SesquepidilianSesquepidilian Posts: 83
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My rear wheel has an appetite for doing tubes. Started off with a puncture, first one in about 6 weeks. Pulled the tube, found the hole, found nothing in the tyre so chucked in a new tube and called it a day. Suffered another flat but pinched the tube pulling it out so couldn't tell what had caused the air loss. Again, new tube fitted and no sign of anything stuck in the tyre (inside or outside). This morning I went to ride to work and the tyre is flat again..... :x
Both replacement tubes went down after time, the first about half way through a ride, the second overnight after a ride.

Is it possibile a spoke has pushing through under load or something ? This is giving me the censored hole and I'm sick of walking everywhere.


  • cyclecliniccycleclinic Posts: 6,865
    Is the tube punctured on the underside or topside? If its the underside then your rim tape will be the issue and get some new tape. I have had tyres in for repair that have a shard of metal stuck in them. Often hard to find and you may have similar.

    For punture reistance there are three tyres that work in my experience. Conti Gator skins, Conti Travel Contact (touriong tyre) or the Schwable Marathon plus. The last one is one of the best puncture reistance tyres on the market but also one of the heaviest. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,611
    take out tube, noting carefully orientation to both tyre and rim

    attach pump to tube, put tube in bath of water, inflate a bit, locate leak

    based upon position of leak, inspect tyre or rim as appropriate to find and resolve problem

    fwiw i had a similar repeat slow puncture, it was due to a piece of fine wire about 2mm long embedded in the tyre, it did not poke out when inspected so could not be seen/felt, but under pressure it emerged to cause a fine puncture, i narrowed down the area using the above method, then investigating a tiny mark on the tyre with a sharp pick, inside was the glinting end of the wire
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