Strange goings on with Endomondo

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I've been trying a few route mapping apps on my phone so on today's ride I used Endomondo to see how I did. The problem is that my phone must have lost GPS lock as I went through a tunnel and a section of the ride that was actually 3 miles long has been recorded as only 1 mile. I don't understand how this has happened because the website has obviously joined the dots and the route is displayed pretty much correctly (as I was going in the straight line).

Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this?


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    Was this a two mile long tunnel by any chance? :)
  • No, its only about 1/4 a mile but there are steep embankments either side when you come out so it is difficult for GPS to lock on.
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    If you go onto the website on your computer (not on your phone) and login, you can edit your workouts. You may be able to amend it there.
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  • I've sorted it now. I exported my workout then reimported it and the distances set themselves up correctly. A bit strange, must be a bug with the site.