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Extra long 8mm chainring bolts needed.

sargar_uksargar_uk Posts: 9
edited April 2012 in MTB buying advice

Got problem. Bought old RF Turbine cranks. It is very old type, where for mounting granny ring you need some spacers. Got spacer but found out that 16mm bolts are too short. Estimating that will need at least 18-20mm bolts. The problem is that they are not standard M8 bolts pich (that is 1.25). Chainring bolts have pitch of 0.75. Any idea where to buy such bolts, not necesarry chainring specified.
Just right size 8x20/18 pitch 0.75.

Found something that might do the trick but the price is really outrageous. Over 5 quid per single bolt >:( ... -prod9248/

Every input will be highly appreciated.

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