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My Full Sus :)

scottellis88scottellis88 Posts: 42
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After a few months of debating with myself to invest in a full suspension to tackle the more challenging terrain out there i slowly moved towards purchasing a Lapierre Zesty 314 2012, i loved the look of it and what everyone was saying with regards reviews etc. but the past couple of days has changed my mind completely and i have taken the plunge today and ordered a completely different bike.

Norco Sight 2 SE
(evans cycles upgraded limited edition version 40 made of each size)

every magazine i have read the past couple of days are raving about this bike its all over the internet. even when i rang up evans cycles to order the chap on the phone was telling me how he was a lucky one to test ride the sight 2 for a few days and he loved everything about it.

May 15th... its down in my diary :) i feel like a child waiting for christmas and its only been 4 hours since i put the phone down to order it.
Norco Saint 2 SE
Trek 9.8 Carbon (sold)

Falling off my bike isnt due to the fact i cant ride, its all because i found ways that dont work


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