Lactic acid, how to Endure it/prolong the onset

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I like to think i'm pretty damn fit nowadays after doing alot of training...

The thing that nearly makes me cry every time is the lactic acid burn I get when powering up hills for long periods...

Are there any tips/tricks/ or any form of advise on how to endure it/get used to lactic acid or help prolong the onset of it??

I'm tempted to try Beta Alanine suppliments, Anyone else have experience with this?

Any help appreciated as I find this is my main thing holding me back from going faster on climbs...
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    Man up. Cycling is all about who can tolerate suffering the best!

    One technique you can use is 'jelly jaw', simply relax your jaw muscles, and in most people all the muscles that aren't necessary, that were contracting, stop doing so - it just makes you that little bit more efficient.