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Just purchased my first ever road bike, Mekk Poggio P2 2012 and seeing as I'd spent quite a lot on my 1st one I want to make sure I look after it! My friend said I need to keep it on a rack rather than just sticking it in the garage, so any suggestions for a decent wall mounted rack that's not very pricey but comes quite far out as to keep off the wall?


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    Funny you should ask this, I have just finished fitting a pair of these, from Halfrauds, one for my bike and one for the enemies bike.

    Very easy to fit, took less than 10 minutes and they do exactly what is required. ... yId_242557
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    cadseen wrote:
    I dont understand why you have to put a bike on a rack to look after it :roll:
    If its required to save space then thats fair enough.


    I was assuming the OP wanted it on a rack to stop it falling over or summat. In my case, garge is space is limited with two motorcycles, two drum kits, and other garage related paraphanalia. The two racks I fitted are double decker'd to save space. Rather pleased with them eckshoooally.
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  • I have loads of room in my garage, it wasn't a space saver it was just my friend who has also has just started said he read online that they should be stored on bike racks, something to do with prolonged time damaging the wheels. I mocked him at first but he's put one up so I assumed he was talking sense. If that's not the case I'll just spend the money on something else!
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    Best get your mate to ride it around on sky hooks then, wouldn't want the wheels to contact any hard surfaces ;-)
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  • Ha, that's what I was saying to him but he was adamant that storing it just on the ground on the same position gravity, would "square" the rims. Can I cross this idea off the checklist then and my bike will be safe on the ground?? :shock:
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    If you are going to store it for many months at a time without moving it then there is an argument for storing it off the floor, taking the wheels off, letting the air out etc etc.

    On the other hand if you are only talking a few days or weeks between trips out then I personally would not be worried.
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    There is some thought that leaving the bike standing for long periods can damage bearings. But it would take many many years, and the lube would have dried up before the bearings became flattened.

    if you look after the bike, use it regularly and don't store it wet or with flat tyres, then no harm will come to it.

    I put mine on £2 halford hooks. just to save space in my shed. Got 5 bikes hanging across a 6' wall.
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    Hanging it up could make the wheel go pear shaped and stretch the frame. Standing it for long periods of time on the ground came induce a flat spot on the bottom(?). I would suggest a space in a king size bed, next to you, is the best place for your new bike, ektuly. :wink:

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  • I've got a tiny, brick built, coal shed and was worried where I might store mine, will look into those hooks.

    It needs a light in there so I suppose I could 'mount' the bike and set up some spotlights in some sort of 'shrine' fashion.
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    As others have said, you don't have to store your bike off the floor, but if you want to then there is no reason to spend more then £3 on a hook. For example this one from Halfords is fine, or 2 for £4.07 from Amazon.

    You hang them from the front wheel like this: