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End of CycleSurgery

Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
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Could this be a major financial censored -up :?: ... dium=email


  • link doesn't work for me
  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
    Yep, something wrong with there website, maybe gone out of business already. I saw it on an email shot basically they are selling a whole lot of the Olympic Cycling kit and accessories. You know the insipid looking stuff designed by Stella McCartney the kit that looks like the colours run out of it, Yeh that stuff, the stuff without hardly any red in it. Red as in Saint Georges flag adopted from the flag of Genoa, representing England. Maybe the website will be up and running later.
  • mangliermanglier Posts: 632
    The colours all seem a bit Jockanese to me. 3 of the 4 home nations have red in their flags, so why so little red in the design?
  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 8,191
    Evans are selling them too - they dont look too bad as a jersey they just don't say british olympian to me - more comfy colours for a sunny sunday jaunt.
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  • Ron StuartRon Stuart Posts: 1,242
    I took this with a pinch salt.... ... 18,00.html I seemed to recall something about this before. :P

    Maybe it's why I ride this
    428322_10150733817699524_527244523_11637493_285572134_n.jpg :oops:
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