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Can anyone recommend a decent low profile helmet, up to around £80 ish... Helmets generally don't suit me at all, and I know it is not about the look, but I would rather only look a tit than a complete tit. :shock:

So far I am thinking of the Specialized Propero II ... Tried it on and felt ok...

Thx in advance folks.


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    You need to check these out.
  • Haha... Wtf are they :)
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    Bang on budget til Monday and good value at twice the price. Pretty compact too.

    http://www.swinnertoncycles.co.uk/cloth ... ite-p26902
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  • What, the kask is not low profile? Or the propero? Or that ridiculous mask thing :)
  • I got a bell array for the same reason. I fitted a large or just into a medium comfortably, so went for the medium.
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    cadseen wrote:
    Thats not a low prfile helmet :roll:


    And that isn't a constructive response but you don't see me chucking rolleyes at you :wink:

    The Kask has more space inside it and is smaller on the outside than my Giro Havoc which is a lot less mushroomy than most Giro lids. I'm not sure there is that much potential for a lid to be any lower profile and still pass the regs but you could always make some suggestions rather than posting non working picture links!
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  • rudy project sterling
    Bianchi. There are no alternatives only compromises!
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    Have you seen the Giro Reverb range?
    Incidentally I have near new medium size orange/white one to flog, as my girlfriend who wanted it so much, wore it three times and decided she doesn't like it...
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