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Cunego to Giro

calvjonescalvjones Posts: 3,850
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What price a higher GC finish than Scarps? If he doesn't deliberately lose his habitual 10mins to be allowed in breaks of course...

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  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    not much chance really - Lanpre have said he'll be going to get stage wins, if he's high in the GC they won't let him get away
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  • frenchfighterfrenchfighter Posts: 30,642
    This is good.

    You see that Petacchi didn't get a spot!

    And I see that Frank Schleck may ride!!!!!!!
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  • Art VandelayArt Vandelay Posts: 1,982
    I was surprised that Frank Schleck wasn't part of the original plan.
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