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Rear wheel hub Broken?

blablablacksheepblablablacksheep Posts: 1,377
edited April 2012 in MTB workshop & tech
During my commute to work on bike i suddenly lost all power from the bike and was free-wheeling being unable to move the bike, only the pedals moving around.

Once got home looked at the cassette and it seems fine, but when i spind the cranks the rear wheel doesnt move but the cassette does.

It sounds like the freehub is broken within the rear wheel, which is a suprise given its a XT hub and i thought they quite reliable, more suprise given the bike is only being used as a commuter so nothin too hardcore.

I phoned up bike shop and he recons it will cost about £40-50 for the part not inclu labour costs ect.

just wondering if this a DIY job and also some advice as i never come across this problem before.
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