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(Another) new bike thread!

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Hi All,

Been reading the forum for a while but first post... and looking for advice!

I'm about to start a new job and want to ride to work, I dont want to ride my mtb (Mondraker Dune) as I dont fancy having it locked up outside so am looking for something cheap to act as a town runaround. The commute to work is only a couple of miles, so nothing major!

Currently looking at a Vitus Vee-1 29er or a Specialized Langster 2011 Aluminium (the one with brakes!). I know the langster would be faster on the road, but just how fragile would it be? I like to have a bit of fun when riding round town, hopping off curbs etc.

Anyone got any other suggestions? I'm after something pretty cheap, that doesnt look too appealing so should be ok locked up at work or around town, and was thinking single speed for ease of maintenance...




  • tuggertugger Posts: 122
    I have got a langster and its great, taken off the stickers so it looks as non descript as possible... I would not be hopping it down too many curbs mind you!!
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    And I have a Vee1 (the 29-er), which is just THE most fun you can have for £300. It is a little 'heavy' for any long-distance commuting but I've done 14 miles each-way on it a couple of times and its been hilarious. Rode 'across' Clapham Common rather than around it, then through all the possible off-road bits like Morden Hall Park, Nonsuch Park etc. If I was going to use it on the road more I'd probably swap the tyres for something slicker, but it really is a hoot!

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