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New wheels - Trance 3?

davenewcastle1973davenewcastle1973 Posts: 146
edited April 2012 in MTB workshop & tech

I have been hankering over a new set of wheels recently after putting on a new set of Nobby Nics with the white lines on a realising how untrue my current set are!

I'm completely confused with the range of options available and the amount of money I should be spending :shock: therefore I am turning to you esteemed folks for some advice...

I ride trail centres and the lakes - not massive stuff due to onset of a reduction in the capacity of my b*llocks with 40 approaching and young kids :evil: however I don't want something that would restrict me should I rediscover some of my teenage chutzpah!

The wheels that I have seen so far are: ... elID=76689

I dont really want to go over £200 and they have to be QR both front and back...


Ragley mmmBop
Yeti 575
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