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I refurbished my back wheel on my commute bike sometime ago and due to differing work locattions have had to use a car. Anyhow, I went into the garage last night to dust off ready for commuting in the next couple of weeks and noticed the back tyre was flat. I put it down to a faulty tube replaced and took it out for a spin, 4 miles out I got another puncture.

Upon returning home and inspecting the damage it be came evident that I'd forgot to put any rim tape back on :roll: so that was the cause of it. I repared my tube and a couple of others I'd been planning to and came across my 1st question. When putting the patch on it has a peice of transparent plastic on it after you remove it from its foil package. This peice of plastic has always confused me of its porpose, I normally leave it on but the instructions (in a foreign language) implied via pictures you pull it off too but for me that would pull the patch off. What do you guys normally do and what is it for?

Secondly I'm looking for some new fresh tubes, my tyre is 1.75 wide. Would you get the inner tude that has the maximum size as 1.75 or the minimum?

I probably haven't explained myself too well so please fire some questions my way if not I await your words of wisdom!



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    I've always assumed that the the film was for protection. I normally have a strip of patches in my repair kit and without this film the upper surface would be exposed to potential damage from whatever else is in the repair kit. I usually leave it on after applying the patch, sometimes I peel it off the next time I have the tyre off but not before the glue has set.

    As for what inner tube to go for... I swap tyres on the same wheels, so I go for the inner tube that expands to the larger of the two. Otherwise I'd say you could go either way, although a weight weeny might suggest go for the smaller tube that will fit your tyre, rotating mass and all that...... blah blah blah
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    Thanks for that both answers were my thinking too...