I need a spare inner tube..?

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Been motb'ing for a while now but i've recently bought a cheap road bike which has 700x35 tyres on it.
Before going any distance on it I want to buy a couple of spare tubes but I dont know which size to buy? I've seen some that are 700 x 35-42 will these be too big?
As well as the size what brand would you recommend?

Thanks in advance, Nathan
Cheers Nathan.


  • I'm no expert but I think they should fit, or I bought some recently for my cross bike which are 700 x 28/38.

    I'm sure someone more knowledgeable will come along and confirm my advice or tell you I've been talking rubbish.
  • smidsy
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    The 700 is the wheel size and the other numbers are the range of widths that the tube can cater for so as long as your width is in the range the tube will fit.

    35-42 in your example so your 35 will fit. Kendals 28 - 38 would also equally fit as 35 is in that range also.
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    As stated, as long as your size is within the range it will be fine.

    Some people say that the less a tube has to stretch the thicker the rubber surface and the chances of a p*ncture is diminished a bit, can't see it would make that much difference, but sounds logical.

    So, based on that theory, a 35-42 will stretch less on a 35mm tyre than the the 28-38.

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