Bottom bracket tool recommendation

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Hi all
I want to remove my bottom bracket so need to buy the right tool.
The bike is a Trek pilot 1.2 if that helps.
It has a lockring type device on it, the OD is 40mm, there are 8 slots, and the depth of the slots is 1.5mm.
Are these a standard size on all bikes, or do I need a specific tool?
I have seen this ... cket-tool/. Would this fit?
Also, is it just the lockring that needs removing,or is there something else under it?

Many thanks


  • Monty Dog
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    We need to know the model of chainset to give a definitive recommendation
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • houndlegs
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    It says bontrager select on the cranks, is that what you mean, or am I looking for a specific number on the lockring?
    Theres a load of numbers on there relating to shell size and what not.

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    Best of all would be a quick photograph.
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  • houndlegs
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    Ok good idea,I'll sort out a few pics tomorrow

  • cycleclinic
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    8 slots makes iot sound like a octolink type tool. Some Octalink cups use the 20 spline ISIS/square taper tool and some I have seen use a 8 pin tool.

    Park do one called the BB-18. Park tools or cyclus is what I use in the shop and they have not failed me yet. -wheel building and other stuff.