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help me choose a bicycle...........

brutaldeluxe09brutaldeluxe09 Posts: 96
edited April 2012 in Commuting general
I'm thinking of purchasing a bike which isn't a mountain bike which is quite an unexpectedy big step for me as I kind of have no idea what I'm looking at. I already own a Cove Stiffee setup with an agreesive set-up and an On-One Inbred set-up 1x9 (sometimes Sinlge Speed as it has horizontal dropouts) for XC.

All I know at this stage is that don't want anything too sporty but I also am not too keen on something overly classical. I like the look of the Cooper bikes but I wouldn't got any more classic than those I don't think.

I have devised a shortlist consisting of:-

Onza Uno
Identiti Persona
Swobo Sanchez
Surly Steamroller
Cotic Roadrat
Cooper Monza or Kyalami

Any advice on either the bikes mentioned or any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


  • crakercraker Posts: 2,060
    How far is your commute? What's your price range, what's wrong with your existing bikes for commuting on (or are they knobbly tired?)
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