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Commuting grand union canal London

samsbikesamsbike Posts: 942
edited April 2012 in Commuting general
I have been doing this commute for a week or so.

However, its very muddy and narrow in places. Its also unlit, which is not an issue right now but I guess it could be if I continue with this into autumn.

Are there any regulars who use the GCU in autumn/ winter? If so how do you manage, with the poor lit conditions and the dogs?



  • rickyriderrickyrider Posts: 294
    Well first up you've started commuting along it probably at the wettest and muddiest I've seen it in last 2 years - bad luck! It's only a problem in small sections near Ruislip though. It dries out pretty quickly once it stops raining, but I don't think we've had a dry day for about 10 days... Anyway, with full mudguards it's no bother - you just need to give the bike a but of a wash down at the weekend. Still beats traffic congested road IMO.

    As to lighting, yes, I still use it in the winter. All you need is a decent frontlight such as a magicshine which delivers plenty of light for not too much cash: ... MJ-808LSET
  • samsbikesamsbike Posts: 942
    Hats off to you.

    I cannot imagine riding it in the dark.

    I am struggling and started as the bad weather commenced, but have now done it about 8 times.

    Do you come out of London or into London and what do you ride - road, mtb or cyclocross.

    If you see a bloke wearing a red spesh helmet, black jacket and white reeboks on a old mtb - its ME lol
  • rickyriderrickyrider Posts: 294
    Night-riding is great fun - recommend it.

    I use a CX bike with touring tyres - perfect imo. Used to do it an old MTB with slicks and it was fine, just not quite as easy.
  • samsbikesamsbike Posts: 942
    Having just bought a road bike and already having exceeded my quota my bikes, I dont think I am going to be allowed any more
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