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Seat Post Pack -

pizzaboyEdinburghpizzaboyEdinburgh Posts: 52
edited April 2012 in Commuting general
Can any of you recommend a seat post pack that i can use on mail daily commute?

I have a rack and paniers on my hybrid but am looking for something to fit on my road bike without a rack.

I just need to carry a shirt, socks, underwear, inner tube, wallet but nothing very bulky. It would be great if the pack could hold an A4 sized book but this is not vital.

I was planning on getting a Carradice SQR Tour Bag but this may be unecessarily big as it is bigger than my pannier which normally less than half full.

Has anyone got a large Ortlieb Classic post bag (about £33) or an Altura Arran Expandable post bag (£36) or any other option?

Any suggestions?


  • Godders1Godders1 Posts: 750
    I have the medium Ortlieb and I reckon I could just about squeeze everything you've mentioned into that (bar the A4 book). So the large should accommodate it all comfortably.
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