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waterproofs pants

CSteven88CSteven88 Posts: 5
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Been using my Endura Convert 2 jacket for the commute, but I don’t have waterproof pants and I've decided that it’s time to get a pair, as I’m fed up getting wet and having to put the soaking wet shorts back on every evening. Anyone have any recommendations?
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  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    my dhb are too short.. seen some Altura/Endura in LBS afterwards that have extensions for us with normal length legs
    Next time i'll try them on in the shop on my bike.. the DHB's ride up my leg and want to fall down due to the waist being too big (size=large[not long]), ya live n learn

    Found em after some googlin "Altura Attack X Waterproof Trousers" but the roadie types will scoff at these an probably suggest just shaving your legs and MTFU i'm affraid
  • corshamjimcorshamjim Posts: 234
    Mine are from Gore Bike Wear, "PATH pants". They weren't cheap but I can vouch there are (so far - I've had them a few months) totally waterproof.
  • bromyGbromyG Posts: 59
    Do you have mudguards on your bike? Better at keeping you dry than waterproof trousers!
    When it rains, I just cycle in shorts and dry my legs afterwards - much easier than trying to dry out clothes

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  • I have a set of crud catchers on the bike alright and the water coming up from the road isnt what's making the shorts damp and horrible for the spin home. The Gore Path pants are a little outside the budget but I reckon the Altura or Endura ones seem ok.
    Trek Sl1000........................Ragley Mmmbop
    Voodoo Marasa....................Giant STP
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  • bushubushu Posts: 711
    Can't beat being dry when the rain is horizontal, feel chuffed when brollies are inverting an its no bother to my bubble.
    DHB do some great stuff, alot cheaper than t'others and nearly a year in mine still good just my ankles get soggy from when they ride up

    i would definitely buy gore stuffs tho if i had the beer tokens available 8)
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    Full length mudguards really help keep dirty water off your clothes. Clean rain is less of an issue.
    I use Montane Atomic DT pants which are quire breathable, very waterproof and much cheaper than Gortex or Event. The cut and features are good for riding. I also have their Pertex version which is much lighter but not at all waterproof.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Aldi overtrousers are good - I use them on top of my usual kit when it's hammering down. Also stops the water going down into my overshoes, so I have dry shoes too. Bit boil in the bag, but keeps the shoes dry.
  • esdesd Posts: 36
    I use aldi and lidl versions...both under a tenner...both very lightweight, keep me dry enough..the latest lidl version have calf length zips and are nice close fit around the calves so dont flap about...they do boil in a bag
  • I've got OMM waterproof trousers that I also use for hill walking. They have a slight stretchiness and slim fit that makes them very good for cycling.
  • jonnyboy77jonnyboy77 Posts: 547
    shorts for me ... sports towel to dry my legs off when I get to work

    - Jon
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