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Thinking of getting a new helmet to replace my 5 year old bell one which has taken a few little knocks. Was looking at something that gives a bit more protection around the back of the head, is light weight and has plenty of ventilation. It also needs to be reasonably secure on my head (not wobble around too much on the gnarly down hills) as I night ride and strap a torch on to it.

Just looked in my LBS at the Specialized propero II which felt quite nice but I see on the web it is listed as a road helmet.


What is the difference between a roadies helmet and an MTB helmet? is there one? would the propero be sufficient?

Anyone suggest anthing else I should be looking at that fits my criteria above (dont want full face)


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    I use one of these for XC duties;

    THE F-14
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  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,804
    Road and MTB helmets have to meet the same standards, however road helmets tend to have more ventilation holes on the basis you're less likley to end up prodding something through straight into your scalp on a road ride than on an off road jaunt.

    I like the Boardman helmets (Halfords) a lot, well made, tough, comfortable, secure and reasonably priced.
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    Lazer O2 helmet is a great fit and very comfortable.
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    Just FYI, they're pretty much all as 'protective' as each other. More money gets more adjustment, better looks and better venilation.

    If you can stretch to it, try to try on a Kask helmet (can't remember what their MTB model is called). I've got a Kask Mojito for the road bike and it's stunningly comfortable, the up'n'down ratchet system is miles better than anything else I've tried. My Fox Flux MTB helmet feels horribly unsecure in comparison, the Kask very obviously fits 'around' my head rather than on top of it.

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    If you're looking for something that gives a little more coverage have a look at Fox Flux, 661 Recon, Giro Feature or maybe an Urge Enduromatic.

    The Enduromatic is very light but the sizing is on the small side, essential to try before you buy.
    Fox Flux/661 Recon very comfortable & seem to fit a lot of people.
    Giro Feature great if you have an oval-shaped head. The F-14 linked to above is very similar but has a much simpler retention system.

    As always you need to trawl the bike shops and try them for size. Look out for pressure points when you try them on - the force of any impact will be transmitted to your head where the helmet touches it and for maximum protection the force needs to be distributed over the widest possible area, not just a few cm on your forehead or the top of your head.
  • sandy771sandy771 Posts: 368
    Not a lot of choice down in Cornwall so cant try before I buy. the Propero was comfy but obviously haven't compared it against much. Will be an llandegla, CyB at the weekend - never been before - what sort of choice in the shops there?
  • handfulhandful Posts: 920
    I wanted a helmet for both road and mtb and eventually settled on a Bell Sequence. Very comfortable for my head and a sturdy visor that clips on and off for on/off road. Really nice helmet, I recommend it!
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    I've taken a pot shot with both my helmets and bought them online.

    a 'The F-14' XC lid and an 'Urge Down-O-Matic' FF helmet

    Got both in a XL (I've got lots of hair!) and they fitted a treat. They both came (as probably most modern helmets do) with a lot of different padding options to custom fit them to your noggin
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